How to do full body workout in gym |

How to do full body workout in gym

You all know how hard we work in the gym to make good personality, yet our good personality is not able to be made, after going to the gym, you get confused about what to excise today, that is why we are often wrong  Do exercises

How to do full body workout in gym

 At that time you have a challenge that which exercises you do, many times you get energized by doing wrong exercises and sometimes you are unable to go to the gym continuously due to being more energetic, today we will learn about some such way that we  Can do full body workouts in gym

 Where to start a gym workout

Workout in the gym you can start by applying push-ups By applying push ups, every muscle of your body is targeted. Push-up is an excise that we should apply before the workout in the gym, then do a little normal exercise that will make your body warm. Chest, back, shoulder, biceps, triceps, legs  These are all the muscles of our body, now we will know how to start the workout of these muscles.

Days and times of applying the muscles:We have to apply different muscles every day and I am telling you below which muscles to apply on which day and how to apply them, we will know below

Days Muscles
Monday chest
Tuesday back
Wednesday shoulder
Thursday biceps
Friday Triceps
Saturday legs
sunday Take rest

Chest: Bench press is the most effective workout to make a strong chest. Workout of bench press gives the shape of your chest, pushups are an exercise for chest that you can do without any weight, dumbbell chest press this workout.  Do it with the help of dumbbells and apply as much weight as you can, isometric chest contraction, flat dumbbell presses, all these workouts in a set of 10 12 and 15 will make your chest look strong and attractive.

Chest workout in gym

Back: Late pull down is a great exercise to bring your back to v-shape. With the help of late pull down, you can make your back muscular. Dead-lift is an excise that targets every muscle of our back. v-shape To make shape back, it is very important to excise bent over barbell row, unless you exercise is complete, do not keep the barbell down, with the help of dumbbell pull you can give your back a great shape.

Back workout in gym

Shoulder: Push-ups should be done to strengthen the shoulders, push-ups are an exercise that helps our shoulder grow quickly. Over head press develops the muscles of your shoulders. Shoulder shoulder exercises are considered good for your wide shoulders.  This is done to increase the size of your shoulders, it is all such exercises which is important in strengthening our shoulder and increasing the size of our shoulder.

Shoulder workout in gym

Biceps: Barbell curl is an excision that targets our overall biceps. This exercise is very easy so everyone likes to apply exercise. Concentration curl helps to increase the size of our biceps and by applying concurrent curls.  The biceps form a round shape. The reverse curl hits our muscles. This exercise makes our biceps peak and hammer curl exercises make you biceps tighter and stronger.

Biceps workout in gym

Triceps: Triceps have three heads. Close grip bench press trains all three hands of our triceps. This exercise we must do. Overhead rope extension exercises are done to enlarge the size of our triceps. School crusher is also our triceps.  Triceps Push Down is considered to be a great exercise for where you can also make this exercise one of the best exercises and our muscles develop quickly with table dips. 

Triceps workout in gym

Legs: Legs are very big muscles in which it is very important to train these body parts for quads, hamstrings, glutes, kaff legs. Barbell squat is the first exercise for legs. Barbell squat develops every muscle in our legs.  Deadlift This exercise is considered to be a great exercise for our legs. The Bulgarian split squat does not pan you back through this exercise.

Legs workout in gym

What to eat before a workout and after a workout

30 minutes before the workout at the gym, you can consume buttermilk, milk and banana paste. While at the gym, you can mix protein with milk, add creatine to water and also have an energy drink.  Sprouted grains, boiled eggs, curd rice, and many other types of heavy diet.

Full Body Workout In Gym

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