How to Make Body without GYM in 15 days |

How to Make Body without GYM in 15 days |

In today's time, every youth wants to have good body personality, today I am telling some such ways, you will be able to reach your goal easily by following them. And how to make your lean body healthy, today I am telling you such ways.

How to Make Body without GYM in 2 Weeks
Without Gym bodybuilder

It is the dream of everyone to have a good body, to have a healthy body, you cannot do any work well without any knowledge. We should know that in which part of the body, how much workout is to be done to get anything  For we have to work hard to take any work serially. You will not think about it serially, till then you will not be able to build a body. First of all, you should make your goal to make a good body, everyone's dream.  Is, he has a healthy body,

If you wear expensive clothes and your body is not a good body personality, then you know what it feels like, to make a good girl friend, you also need a body that is thin and thin, they have to be a joke everywhere.  Comes and the body is as strong as the hard work done, you will be able to reach your goal easily by following them, by following them you can create a healthy body and make your lean body fit.

How much workout should we do daily

How much workout should we do daily

We all want that we have good personality and look smart. We need to do daily workouts to make good personality. We should do 6 to 7 types of workouts daily on the same issues and 3 workouts per workout and if you are new.  So apply the repetitions of 8,10 and 12 in each set and if you are doing workouts from a long time then apply the repetitions of 10,12 and 15 and drink less water while applying the repetitions and drink more water while applying the repetition.  It will grow very slowly. We need to warm up every day 15 minutes before the workout. We should do 45 minutes to 1 hour of work, it hurts our body growth. Doing more workouts does not ask our body for any benefit and doing more workouts damages our muscles.  Maybe you can take more creations between workouts. Use creating only when you are applying heavy muscles

Days and time of applying the muscles

If we want to make a serious body, then we have to apply different muscles every day and on which day I want to apply the muscles, I am telling you below.

Monday Chest 
Tuesday Back

Quick body build

If you want your body to be as fast as possible, then you have to set the time and you have to move without laziness at the time you have set, the body does not become your body in two or three days.  Will make equally good shape and good body.  For this, you have to workout on a daily basis.

  • Your partner should be a good one who helps you in every workout and by being a good partner you do not get lazy and focus all your workouts.
  • To build a body quickly, pay attention to your food and the quality you eat will be as good as your body.
  • To build a good body to stay away from stress, stress has to be removed and under stress your muscles become weak.

How to increase the size of the muscles

How to increase the size of the muscles

To increase the size of the muscles, you will not have to apply the repetition at the same weight every day, if you apply the repetition at the same weight every day, then the size of your muscles will not increase and your body will not be able to increase your weight.  Only to increase

Why warm-up is important

If you do not warm-up, then your body cannot be formed quickly.  Workouts done without warm-up can give you a loss rather than a profit.  Warm-ups are very important for your body, the more muscles you use during the warm-up, the more hormones will be made in your body and the sooner your body changes.  Drink less water during warm-up and do not warm up for more than 30 minutes, do not take too much rest while warming up, taking more rest will reduce your body growth. Pay equal attention to all types of body issues.

How should be catering to build body

How should be catering to build body

Fresh fruits: - Fresh fruits provide energy to the body.  Banana pumps our body, orange, apple, pomegranate, melon, are very important fruits for muscles.  The vitamins in these strengthen the muscles and also help in keeping our body healthy.

How to eat fruit: - Fresh fruits provide energy to the body.  If you take milk with banana, the effect will be quick, our body is pumped, by mixing apples with milk, growth in the body increases. Pomegranate, orange juice extracted and consumed are very important fruits for muscles.  The vitamins in these strengthen the muscles and also help in keeping our body healthy.

How to consume curd Curry: If you eat curd with plain rice, eating curry, curd and rice will increase the size of your muscles.  These are beneficial for the body, you can also consume yogurt with bread.

How to consume gram: - You have to take desi gram, it is considered very useful to keep the body tight.  Let the desi gram be stirred in water at night, when desi gram is sprouted, chew it and chew it and eat it as breakfast.

How to consume Cottage Cheese: - Cottage Cheese is very useful to keep your body tight. Consuming Cottage Cheese water is helpful in strengthening the muscles. Consuming ponytails can be chewed by eating 100 grams daily and chewing it.  Muscles are strong

Eat salad: - By eating salad, your body fat will be reduced. And salad is light food as your body does not grow fat, eating digestion keeps your digestive power right.  And you can consume as much protein-rich diet as possible.

Peanut: - Peanut contains a lot of protein. 100 grams of peanut contains 26 grams of protein. We can also consume peanuts and peanuts can make your muscles strong.

Ghee and milk: - To make body, consume everything made of milk, and at night, eat milk and ghee and eat cheese and morning cheese, butter cake,

Quit bad habits to build body

Quit bad habits to build body

If you are serious about making body, then first of all you have to quit bad habits like smoking, drinking heavily. If you cannot leave, use little.

The worst habit is masturbation, which is controlled by every boy, who will control it, there will be no problem in making the body, the body is not made for those who do not stop masturbating, these are very bad habits and who stop masturbating. He gave the body of people very quickly There is a deficiency of vitamins in our body and you feel like weakness. If you do not masturbate for 2 weeks once, you will feel different in your body and you will see growth in your body.

It is also a bad habit. If you are lazy, your body will never be formed or if your partner does not come, then you have not done workouts by doing laziness. If laziness is left, nothing can stop you from making a good body

Avoid these things to build a body: If you want to make a serious body, then you should not eat anything sweet and fried in food, after the workout, you should eat the same thing that your body gets protein which I Have told you. Avoid the external food, do not drink tea, coffee or cold drink immediately after eating it.

 Make body with the help of protein

Make body with the help of protein

All you need to make a body is your food and your diet. How to chew and eat dried desi gram, eat milk and banana together, cheese to keep your body fit. Very useful, it is effective in strengthening the muscles by consuming cottage cheese water. You should consume about 100 grams of chewing gum every day.

How to eat protein: - If you go to the gym and do good heavy workouts, then only you eat protein, and if you want to take protein at home, then you can eat sprouted desi gram papa, sprouted Green Gram Split, sprouted almonds, By consuming all these sprouted soybeans, you will get protein in your body in plenty.

How much to sleep to build a body

How much to sleep to build a body

It is necessary to sleep to make a body. If you do not sleep well then the size of your body muscles increases a lot and there is pain in the whole body to make us a body. At least 8 or 9 hours of sleep should be taken. Give complete rest to the body until your muscles get complete rest, then it is not right to do your workouts and sleep 1 to 2 hours a day, it will speed up body growth.

Do not hurry to build a body

We have made efforts to build a body in full spirit, it is not that in 2 or 4 days your body will be made and we have taken a diet full of protein in food and you will have to be patient and time. But you have to do workouts if you can not be patient, then your body will never be built, and it takes time for the body to grow, the more time you give, the better the result will be.

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