How to make lean, thin and weak body fit? |

How to make lean, thin and weak body fit?

Most of all people are upset due to their slim and weak body. Many of all of you believe that no matter how much you eat or use different types of medicines, our body is still not thin and weak body fat. Be able to

How to make lean, thin and weak body fit?

Most of the people are worried about their obesity and increasing weight like excess food increases their body fat and there are some people who are worried due to their slim and weak body. I am telling you ways to make your thin and weak body fit.

How to keep lean, thin and weak body fit

Everyone is worried about your lean, thin and weak body. How to make your lean thin and weak body fit. You all eat in different ways to stay fit, yet you remain lean and weak due to that. Do not digest your body properly, today I am going to tell you what you should eat and how you can make lean, thin and weak body fit.

Milk and Honey: Honey balances the weight of our body. If you are overweight, it helps to reduce your body weight. If your weight is low then it helps to increase your body weight daily. Taking two spoons of honey with milk before sleeping at night keeps your body healthy and healthy. Milk and honey have a common contribution in removing weakness of your body.

Milk and Honey

Dairy: You need to use dairy to make skinny and weak body fit. Milk, yogurt, butter and cheese etc. are rich in fat, vitamins and calcium, which fit lean and weak body. Help keep

Sprouted grains: By eating sprouted grains, our body does not remain lean, thin and weak but becomes strong. Moong dal, desi gram, soyabean. These are all sprouted grains. All these should be consumed daily in a small bowl of soyabean, desi gram, moong dal. Soak it and when it melts well then tie it in a dry cotton cloth and keep it for four to five hours and consume it after the moong dal, desi gram, soyabean has sprouted, this will complete protein deficiency in your body.

Sprouted grains

Milk and Bananas: Eating milk and bananas increases the fat of our body. To make a lean slim body healthy, you should drink milk and banana paste. If you eat milk and bananas together, it makes your body feel less. Drinking paste makes quick effect on our body

What is the reason for being thin and weak

As we all know, we are ashamed to go anywhere due to having a thin and weak body, we go everywhere in the society, no one cares well like us. If our personality is good, then we will go anywhere. Looking at us, we are attractive and look for an opportunity to talk to us

  • Not eating at the right time or not eating what we eat
  • Due to some of our dirty habits, our body also becomes lean and weak, such as smoking, drinking and many other dirty habits, which makes us thin and weak.
  • Our body also becomes lean and weak due to stress, whether it is about stress job or any work, we should stay away from any kind of stress

What to do to build a strong body

What to do to build a strong

You all know that to make a strong body, exercise is very important for our body. Be it a boy or a girl, to make a thin, thin and weak body strong, one should wake up early in the morning and go on jogging and the fresh air in the morning keeps our body healthy everyday. Jogging in the morning excites the muscles of our body, after jogging, you must exercise for 20 to 25 minutes, this will make your body strong and healthy, you will have to work hard to get rid of lean and weak body.

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