Top 10 home treatments for increasing eyesight and removing glasses

Top 10 home treatments for increasing eyesight and removing glasses

Hello friends, welcome to in today's post, we will know the top 10 home remedies to increase eyesight and remove eyeglasses. In today's time, everyone wants to look good and perfect body, everyone is attractive towards them, that's why many people replace glasses with lenses. Let's use today, we will know how to increase eye light and removing glasses.

Loss of eyesight has become a common practice nowadays, but in today's time, it is seen that even small children get glasses at an early age and the elders are different, they have depression or a job or more than 40 Due to being aged, glasses are worn, but small children and young people are also facing complaints of wearing glasses.

Top 10 home treatments for increasing eyesight and removing glasses

Children, young people, all people do not pay attention to food and rush to fast food, eyesight can be corrected with the help of good food and food. The main reason for eyeglasses is that the children are not paying attention to the eyes nowadays. And in the younger generation, it has become a very big topic of wearing glasses, what should be done to increase eyesight and to remove eyeglasses, today we will learn about some home remedies that will help in increasing your eyesight.

Top 10 treatments for remove glasses and increase eyesight at home 

Green Vegetables: Make sure to consume green vegetables like spinach leaf cabbage smoothing and as many green leafy vegetables as carotenoids are found in plenty in them. What does this carotenoid do to protect the retinal macula? It helps you a lot to add green vegetables

Postic ingredients: You have to add such a postic element that contains vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E. Vitamin A Vitamin C Vitamin A is found in

  • Vitamin A: Vitamin A deficiency causes blindness, dryness in the eyes, to overcome vitamin A deficiency, easy intake of vitamin A by consuming eggs, milk, carrots, spinach, sweet potato, papaya, yogurt, soybeans and other leafy green vegetables. Can be supplied
  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C is considered to be one of the major vitamins for our eyes, spinach, bananas, oranges, mustard greens, kiwi, guava and amla are all rich in vitamin C to overcome vitamin A deficiency.
  • Vitamin E: Almonds, avocados, sunflower seeds, peanuts and peanut oil, soybean oil, spinach, can be easily supplemented with vitamin E. Garlic and onions are considered good for the eyes as sulfur is found in it Sulfur helps in producing antioxidants for our eyes

Dairy Products: You have to add dairy products, all types of dairy products, all milk, yogurt, ghee, butter cakes, all these things help to increase eyesight.

Mustard oil massage: Massage mustard oil on the soles of the feet at night, or soak the feet of the feet with mustard oil for 15 minutes before going to sleep or before bathing. Persists till

Walking barefoot: Waking up on the green grass 20 to 25 minutes before sunrise in the morning, you should walk barefoot in the morning, there is dew moisture on the green grass which is very helpful for our eyes and by walking on the bare grass on the green grass in the morning. Our eyes light up and the eyes get cold

Milk, Ghee and Almond: The most effective way to increase the light of the eyes is to dissolve four badams in the water at night and wake up in the morning and drink a spoonful of ghee and almond paste in hot milk and mix it with milk and drink it. Grows fast

Wash eyes like this: To remove glasses from the eyes, wake up every morning and fill the mouth with water and wash the eyes with that water, you have to do this 15 to 20 times every day. And your eyes also have less black spots

Rosewater: If your eyes are painful every day or the eyes are burning, then you can apply rose water on the eyes, you should use cotton to apply rose water, make the cotton wet in rose water and with light hand Doing this on the eyes will reduce your eye pain and will also end the eye irritation.

Blueberry: It is an herb that is loaded with antioxidants. It improves light by eating. Also here it helps to protect the eyes in all diseases related to the eyes. This fruit helps us to increase our eyesight. Can take in a diet


Good sleep: You all know that it is very important to give rest to the eyes. It is very important to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day, then our eyes get enough rest, going late into the night will spoil your eyesight and We do not have any problem related to eyes by getting full sleep

Top 10 home treatments for increasing eyesight and removing glasses

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