Covid-19 Vaccine: World's First 5 Company to Release Coronavirus Vaccine

 Covid-19 Vaccine: World's First 5 Company to Release Corona virus Vaccine |

Hello Friends, welcome to Healthcareout. In today's post, we will know that the world's first 5 companies will release the Corona virus vaccine. Scientists are involved in creating scientific waxing to stop the speed of corona. To prevent the corona virus, it is very important to become a virus vaccine. Today we will know about the 5 major research centers of the world which will provide the corona vaccine to us first.

Covid-19 Vaccine

Corona virus disease (COVID-19) is very subtle virus. This virus is many times more deadly than it is deadly. This small virus scares the world in size. Corona virus is 900 times smaller than human hair. In December 2019, the first case of novel corona virus (Covid-19) was reported in Wuhan city of China.

Dozens of vaccine trials are going on worldwide. Vaccine trials are in the third phase in some countries. The wait for the whole world vaccine, which is facing the corona crisis, seems to be over. More than 200 projects are being worked out worldwide to prepare the vaccine for the corona virus, out of which 21 More vaccine is in clinical trial.

Top 5 companies release corona vaccine

  1. Gamaleya Research Institute
  2. Oxford university
  3. Moderna
  4. Beijing University
  5. Serum Institute
Gamaleya Research Institute: Russia has claimed that it is going several months ahead of others in developing the Covid-19 vaccine in the ongoing global fight against the corona virus. Russia said that people who were given this corona vaccine in clinical trials , All of them were found to be immune to SARS-CoV-2.

Russia's World's First Corona Virus Vaccine to be Registered in Russia on August 12, Russia's Health Minister said that the vaccine was successful in the trial and the vaccine will be vaccinated in October before Russia said that its corona virus vaccine was 100% successful in the clinical trial Russia's Deputy Health Minister Oleg Gridnev said that Russia will register the world's first corona virus vaccine on August 12, although Russia has not yet released any data on the vaccine trial.

Covid-19 Vaccine

Russia has given very good news President Vladimir Putin has claimed that the world's first corona vaccine has become "Sputnik V". It has been registered on Tuesday. Putin said my daughter has also been vaccinated in 3 countries including India. The Russian Embassy opportunity, citing the Russian direct investment fund handling the business of making the vaccine company, said that we are interested in making vaccines in India. Our company will make 200 million doses this year.

Oxford University: The University of Oxford, which is making the Corona vaccine, is slowly getting success in the trial of waxing. A scientist from the University has said that the team has got positive results so far regarding the resistant response during the vaccine's human trial. Professor Sarah Gilbert said that the same resistant reaction is being achieved. The vaccine is working well. It is expected that this vaccine is capable of fighting the corona. Oxford scientist Sarah Gilbert said that she hopes her The vaccine will be made first, but the preparation of the vaccine depends on the human trial

Moderna: American biotech company Moderna and National Institutes for Health (NIH) have a new study on the vaccine. Corona virus vaccine has been fully effective in trials on monkeys. Immune development found in monkeys during trials is vaccine in their nose and lungs. It was also successful in preventing the corona virus. It is very important to stop the virus from spreading in the nose because it stops spreading the virus to others. When Oxford University's vaccine was tested on monkeys, there were no such results. Therefore, expectations have increased with Moderna's vaccine. Moderna and Oxford University's large-scale vaccine trials on humans

Beijing University: Scientists in China have exerted full power to make vaccines. China's first vaccine pharma company Sinovac Biotech has prepared. This is the second such vaccine in China and the third in the world, which has reached the third stage trial. Permission for trial of this vaccine has been granted. According to the Chinese media, People's Liberation Army (PLA) chief scientist Chen Wei has taken the first dose of the vaccine and the Beijing University of China has said that the vaccine to kill the corona virus has been made which is the corona virus May end, Sunne Xi, director of Beijing University's Advanced Innovation Center for Geonomics, says that testing of our medicine on animals has been successful

Serum Institute: Serum Institute of India said that it has decided to produce 100 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine for India and other low and middle-income countries. It is in the last phase of the vaccine human trial and It is going to be launched in India under the name Covishield very soon this vaccine will be passed on to the people. For India and other countries, this vaccine has a target of 100 million i.e. 10 crore Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Indian company Serum Institute of India Will contribute approximately $ 150 million to the partnership in the production of two vaccines (Oxford University and Novavax's vaccine)

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