How to increase immunity to fight coronavirus

 How to increase immunity to fight coronavirus |

Hello friends, welcome to Healthcareout today we will talk about a very important topic, today we will learn how to fight against the coronavirus, increase immunity, disease prevention protects us from many diseases. Is that our body fights on its own, due to lack of immunity many types of diseases arise in our body and our body starts to become weak, there can be many reasons such as lack of immunity, such as not paying proper attention to food. Doing many types of drugs wrong is also due to congenital weakness

How to increase immunity to fight coronavirus healthcareout

Our immune system keeps us safe from many diseases, immunity keeps our body safe from many types of bacterial infections, fungal infections, all these things make it clear that weakening immune power causes many diseases. It starts happening and as cold and cold persists in many people for a long time, so our body needs to increase the immunity power, if your immune power is reduced then it will be in our body. Today we will know how to increase immune power.

important points

  • What is the immune power
  • What affects the body due to reduced immunity
  • Why immunity is weak
  • Ways to increase immunity
  • Other information related to immunity

What is the immune power

What is the immune power

Disease immunity is the differential mechanism of our body which protects our body from any infection. Our body is completely protected. We are thousands of bacteria infections in the air while we are sleeping or doing anything. There are bacteria on the outside of our body when we eat food or drink water, but why are we able to stay alive because we have immunity if we assume that no human being has immunity? So that humans cannot survive in 1 day because Unity protects our body from virus bacteria.

You will often see around you that out of many people with a good personality, some people fall prey to diseases while some people have less effect of weather or any kind of infection, in fact, every living being Nature has created a system in the body, which protects it from harmful bacteria, viruses, and microbes, etc. This is called immunity

What affects the body due to reduced immunity

What affects the body due to reduced immunity

What affects the body due to low immunity? It is a simple test that corona results from decreasing the immunity of people. Corona is a virus that affects the immune system of our body and reduces our immune power. There is no harm to the body by reaching any type of germ in the body, but those whose immunity becomes weak, they get weakness, cold cough, cold fever due to slight change of weather and their body cannot bear the effects of germs. When the immune system in the body is reduced compared to the external microbes, at that time many types of diseases start happening in our body and our body starts to become weak, its effect is seen in the form of a cold fever and our The body is lean and it starts to become weak when the immunity in our body decreases and then we should understand that the immunity of our body has decreased.

Why immunity is weak

Why immunity is weak healthcareout

  • If you eat more sugar then it is harmful to the immunity of the body. According to research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the ability of white blood cells to kill microbes in the event of eating 100 grams or more of sugar weakens for up to five hours.
  • To increase immunity, you should drink more water. By drinking less water, the toxins inside the body cannot get out and your immune system is weak.
  • If the pregnant woman is not eating properly or she becomes a victim of malnutrition, then the chances of the child's immunity are also weak.
  • Disease resistance is usually weak in childhood and old age, but due to poor lifestyle, it can remain weak even during puberty.
  • The body does not get proper nutrition and smoking alcohol and consuming many other substances all make our immunity weak.
  • Long-term use of painkillers, antibiotics, etc. All types of medicines weaken our body's immune system.

Ways to increase immunity

Ways to increase immunity

  •  Water is the easiest way to increase immunity. By drinking more water, your unity is better. The more water you drink, the more toxins will come out of your body and you will avoid infection.
  • If you make a habit of basil or honey water twice a day and you can also consume green tea
  • Garlic Ashwagandha ginger can increase our immunity, regularly consume any of these things daily, it increases our immunity and helps us fight against any kind of infection.
  • You should also add citrus fruits to your diet. Citrus fruits are good sources of vitamin C, which reduces free radicals and increases the immunity of our body.
  • The better our metabolism, the better our immunity will be. To increase metabolism, add curd milk cheese daily in your diet.
  • Exercise is also very important to increase immunity. Morning walk, gem, yoga secrete enzymes and hormones in the body that increase our immunity.
  • Be sure to get at least 7 hours of sleep daily, less sleep increases stress in our body and also weakens our immunity power.

Other information related to immunity

  • By taking more stress, the resistance to disease starts to decrease due to which we have many types of diseases, try to stay away from stress as much as possible.
  • People who consume alcohol and smoke, their daughter is very weak, because of this, they talk more sick, you also have to kill, so quit smoking and alcohol addiction.
  • By not exercising, the fitness in our body is affected as well as our body starts becoming weak, it is very important to exercise daily to strengthen the immunity and strengthen the immunity so that your body can fight the bacteria outside.

How to increase immunity to fight coronavirus

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