What is insurance | Best 10 types of insurance and benefits

What is insurance | Best 10 types of insurance and benefits

What is insurance / Best 10 types of insurance and benefits Healthcareout.com

Insurance is done to deal with the possibility of a loss in the future. We all know that we do not know what is going to happen to us in the coming times like the outbreak of the Corona global epidemic on the whole world. There are many types of insurance for its health to protect it is capped but some people are able to compensate for future losses through the insurance policy, so insurance is actually a relationship between the company and the insured without Under the contract, the insurance company takes a certain amount of money from the insured, insures the insured or the company in the event of any loss as per the terms of the policy, welcome all of you to Healthcareout today we will know in a very simple language "what is Insurance, its type and benefits".

What is insurance

Insurance means an arrangement in which anyone company compensates for any of your accident losses or financial loss of anything, no one knows what happens when in this crowded life today, that is why all their losses Insurance to compensate for. Insurance means protection from risk. If an insurance company insures a person, then the insurance company will compensate for that person's financial loss. Similarly, if the insurance company has taken care of a car, smartphone, etc. If insured, the insurance company gives compensation to its owner according to the amount already fixed, in case of breakage or damage to that thing.

What is insurance | Best 10 types of insurance and benefits

What is insurance / Best 10 types of insurance and benefits Healthcareout.com

  • Life insurance
  • Accident Insurance
  • Medical and Health Insurance
  • vehicle insurance
  • Home insurance
  • travel insurance
  • Crop insurance
  • Business liability insurance
  • Mobile insurance
  • Family Health Insurance

Life Insurance
Life insurance means that on the death of the person who bought the insurance policy, his or her dependents get compensation from the insurance company. If the head of the family dies untimely, it becomes difficult to manage the expenses of the household. It is necessary to take a life insurance policy to save the wife, children, parents, etc. of the main person of the family from the financial crisis. In a financial plan, it is suggested to first buy a life insurance policy. In case of death of a policy person by depositing an instruction value in life insurance, the nominee of that person is given money according to the conditions. People often leave this policy for their wife, child, parents, etc. because of life No trust what to do when

Accident Insurance
Personal accident insurance is important for every person. In accident insurance, by submitting a reference price, in case of accident or injury to that policy person in case of an accident or the disabled person is hospitalized according to the conditions and rules given. The amount is paid on expenses or death, in addition to the effects caused by the accident, such as death, the effects on income can be serious which can be effective from a few weeks to a few months or even a few years. Personal accident insurance protects against this type of situation. The biggest advantage of accident insurance is that you do not incur any kind of expenses in case of an accident. The accident insurance company bears all your expenses but all companies have different - Separate rules are from terms and conditions

Medical and Health Insurance
Health insurance is a type of insurance coverage that compensates you for various medical and surgical expenses. It provides coverage insurance companies have to protect against unforeseen medical expenses incurred in the future. In medical and health insurance, you can collect a foreign price in all matters related to the health of the person, such as hospital expenses, medical expenses, The cost of operation, etc. It gives you the insurance provider company, this policy is very important because every year a lot of health is bad, in such a situation, these policy companies also bear the cost of some regular checkups in a year. If it goes undetected, the medical and health insurance company proves to be very helpful.

vehicle insurance
If you have a car motorcycle or any kind of vehicle, then you need to get auto insurance. This insurance company proves helpful in case of accident or theft of your vehicle, but a third party policy is also done in some auto insurance company. It is also very important to ensure a driver or a pedestrian who can claim insurance because it is one of the valuable things in our house, nowadays small accidents happen, so these vehicles cost more. There is no need to panic if your vehicle policy is insured. You can also claim insurance for your small damage.

Home Insurance
Home insurance is done according to the structure and accessories of your house. The insurance company tests the house for damage to the normal house. This insurance is done in case of a house collapse or an accident, the horse is stolen. Knowing, burning of goods or any such inconvenience comes in handy. If your house is sick, then there is the protection of your house. After purchasing an insurance policy, if your house suffers any kind of damage, then the insurance company pays for it.

travel insurance
If you want to hang out with your family anywhere, then at the time of an accident or travel cancellation, the travel insurance company pays for it. Travel insurance protects against any loss due to travel. If a person goes abroad for some work or to travel and he gets hurt or the goods are lost, then the insurance company gives him compensation. Travel insurance policy is valid only from the beginning of your journey until the end of the journey. Different insurance companies may have different conditions for a travel insurance policy.

Crop Insurance
If you have pride, then you must ensure your crop every year because there is no faith in rain or not. If you have crop insurance then you can do farming without any tension. Or if your crop is destroyed due to any reason, then the crop insurance company compensates you for the loss, because the condition of the crop insurance policy is too stringent and the compensation is not available according to the cost. is. To compensate for crop failure, insurance companies survey all the fields around that farm, and compensation is given only when the crop of most farmers is damaged.

Business Responsibility Insurance
Business liability insurance is actually to compensate for the loss of a company's work or customer to a product. In such a situation, the fine imposed on the company and the entire cost of legal proceedings have to be borne by the insurance company insuring the business liability Insurance.

Mobile Insurance
Mobile insurance is general insurance. It has become the need of today's changing times, having expensive branded mobiles has become a subject of personal status, everyone wants to keep the best mobile, in which case your mobile is broken or stolen. This is why mobile insurance is necessary to compensate for your loss, if your mobile breaks if it falls, then it is not so easy for you to buy, buy or repair another mobile, keeping in mind people's problems, the insurance company Providing mobile insurance facility

Family Health Insurance
This family health insurance is a health insurance policy that is designed to ensure other members of your family. In family health insurance, you get many health-related facilities like treatment at the time of the accident, corona diseases hospital treatment, Facilities like operation expenses, free medicines, etc. and annual health checkups are included today, not only health-related expenses but also health-related diseases have reached the peak, in such a way, family health insurance protects you and your family.

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Important Note: Before getting any insurance or insurance, read its documents carefully and know its terms and conditions, the terms and conditions of each insurance company are different because what is written in it and what terms and conditions are applicable only. You insure anything so that you don't have problems later.

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